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These are my completed stories.

Long Stories

  • Danni: Self-bondage goes horribly wrong, but leads to happy adventures next door. Bondage, corsetry, pretty much the whole gamut of my kinks. (bondage, corset, F/m, M/f, sbf, straitjacket, stuck)
  • Carapace: Continuing from Danni, a tale of chastity and enclosure. (corset, chastity, M/f)
  • Iron Man: A terrible crime is discovered, and the victim is changed forever by the experience. And by the ironwork. (M/f, revenge, iron)
  • Mask: On a boring tour through a castle, Julie makes a discovery. Well, several, actually. (sbf, chastity, stuck, M/f, bondage, straitjacket, device, steel, medieval, iron)

Short Stories

  • The Premature Burial: She awakes to find herself being buried alive. Can this possibly end well? (buried, corset, M/f, nc)
  • Fifty Feet: is exactly how far Emma is from Tom. Forever. (M/f, buried, permanent)
  • Harem: A life of comfort and pleasure has a terrible price. (bondage, nc, permanent, F/f, bodymod)
  • Piercing Danni: Part of the Danni series. Danni wants her nipples pierced, but just going and getting it done would be, “like going to the dentist” … (M/f, sbf, piercing, chastity)
  • November 5th: Amy’s damsel in distress fantasy is stirred by being tied to a stake on the Guy Fawkes night bonfire stack. But what if it were set alight with her still on it? (M/f, bondage, burning)
  • The Collar: Jamie wakes up, still wearing a locking steel collar she tried on at a fetish show. What happened to the key? (M/f, steel, stuck)
  • Low Tide: A quiet beach, and a curious, but disturbing discovery.
  • Email: An intriguing email from an employee, who’s life is about to irrevocably change. (sbf, M/f, chastity, bondage)
  • Oubliette: A place of forgetting. (M/f, medieval, punishment)
  • The Blow-Job Stand: BDSM and organised crime are a dangerous mix. (M/f, MMMM/f, nc, steel)
  • Two Thousand Words: That’s how many words she must write each day to survive. (?/f, nc)
  • The Facility: Where human beings become art. (nc, permanent, revenge)
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  1. James permalink
    13 March 2016 6:21 am

    Hi, completed all the stories. Very impressed I look forward to more adventures.
    Kind regards

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